What's the Big Difference?

Suzanne Bonamici has represented Oregon's 1st District since 2012, but she has become complacent in her role representing the district and has forgotten where her accountability and loyalties lie.

It's time we had a representative who really understands the problems facing Oregon families and will fight for real solutions. 

Representative Bonamici has neglected the Fight for $15, immigration reform, and the rights of incarcerated people. While she claims to support Medicare For All, she currently has almost $300,000 invested in the current system. She accepts money from Super PAC's, big corporations, and lobbyists making her beholden to anyone who can afford to hold her attention, often at the expense of Oregon families. When she returns to our district, she holds her townhalls in the most inaccessable locations possible making it difficult for those who rely on public transportation to attend. We need a representative who will stand up and fight for all families and real reform. Someone who will fight for term limits for all elected officials, publicly funded elections, legalization of marijuana, and stopping the systematic oppression of minority communities.

While over 16.5% of Oregonians live in poverty, Suzanne Bonamici is worth over $6,000,000 and is the 77th richest member in Congress. How can she understand what it's like to live off of $735/month in Social Security Disability? Or what happens to a family when Food Stamps last only half the month? How can she know what it means to have an employer place their profits over the worker's health, safety, and financial stability? Or when workers compensation denies treatment and care for the sake of profits? 

We need a representative who will fight to update the ADA, reform the workers' compensation system, advocate for tougher gun control restrictions, and will stand at the front lines for change. A representative who has experienced these problems first-hand and will do more than just vote on an issue when it crosses her desk. We need an outspoken and active advocate for those members of our community who've been systematically left out of the conversation. Only when a representative experiences poverty, hunger, disability, or oppression only then can they truly be able to place the priority these issues they truly deserve and Bonamici was worth $4 million before she even got into Congress.

While Bonamici claims to support the Popular Vote for presidential elections, in 2016 during the Democratic Primary, Bonamici was a Superdelegate for the DNC. While 56% of Oregon Democrats cast their ballot for Bernie Sanders, Suzanne Bonamici used her Superdelegate vote (which carried the same weight as millions of American voters) to go against the popular vote of her constituents and instead cast her vote for Hillary Clinton. Bonamici played a big part through the Superdelegate process in ensuring President Trump was elected because she refused to listen to her constituents.

All Americans deserve a basic standard of living, dignity, and respect. A person cannot live without a home, healthy food, education, clean air and water, and a living wage. These are fundamental human rights and should be treated as such. We need a representative who will fight for these things, not just sign on as a sponsor of a bill and leave it at that.

Almost 1 in 4 voters in Oregon are disabled--1 in 5 nationwide--yet the only time we hear politicians, like Bonamici, discuss disability issues, they only reference the elderly and disabled veterans and the disabled community is so much bigger and more diverse than that. Oregonians who become disabled either at birth, through sickness, or accident are still people and deserve proper representation and consideration. During her 'deep dive' into the Opiate Epidemic, Bonamici neglected to speak to patient advocacy groups about our access to pain management and how the Opiate Epidemic is affecting those who rely on Opiate Pain Management, and instead supported a straight reduction in opiate prescriptions that would drive patients with chronic pain to the bottle, the street, or suicide as means of pain management. Her policy goes against the UN General Assembly Resolution which states, “untreated pain is tantamount to torture or cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment”.

We deserve a representative who will, not only, consider the needs and will of all her constituents but will do more than just deal with an issue when it crosses her desk, but will actively fight for change and be an outspoken advocate for all Oregonians.

While I support many of the things Bonamici has done, she has not done enough or pushed hard enough on issues that matter to a majority of Oregon's most vulnerable families. It's time we took into account the needs of all Americans.

We deserve better than Bonamici!