What's the Big Difference?

Suzanne Bonamici has represented Oregon's 1st District since 2012. In all that time she has never had to face a Democratic Primary challenger. She has become complacent in her role Representing the district and has forgotten where her accountability and loyalties lie.

It's time for a Representative who understand the real problems facing Oregon families. 

Representative Bonamici has neglected the Fight for $15 and the Green New Deal. While she claims to support Medicare For All, she currently has almost $300,000 invested in the current system. She accepts money from Super PAC's and Lobbyist making her beholden to anyone who can afford to hold her attention, often at the expense of Oregon families.

While over 14% of Oregonians live in poverty, Suzanne Bonamici is worth over $6,000,000 and is the 77th richest member in Congress. How can she understand what it's like to live off of $735/month in Social Security Disability? How can she truly understand what happens to a family when Food Stamps last only half the month? How can she know what it means to have an employer place their profits over their worker's health, safety, and financial stability? 

We need Representatives who have experienced these problems first-hand. Only when a Representative experiences poverty and hunger can they truly be able to place the priority these issues they deserve.

All Americans deserve a basic standard of life. A person cannot live without a home, food, education, clean air and water, and a living wage. They are fundamental human rights.

1 in 4 adults in Oregon are disabled, yet the only time we hear Bonamici discuss disability rights she's only ever talked about the elderly and disabled veterans. Oregonians who become disabled either at conception, through sickness or accident are still people and deserve proper representation and consideration of their rights and needs. She has never fought for the rights of the disabled community because she has never had to live with disability. She doesn't understand the needs facing the community because she has neglected to spend time with us. During her 'deep dive' into the Opiate Epidemic, Bonamici neglected to speak to a single patient advocacy group about our access to pain management.

We deserve better than a representative who does not consider the needs and feelings of all her constituents.