Social Justice

End Systemic Racism

For too long our country has used our laws to hold back some while giving others advantages and privileges. It's time to level the playing field and ensure everyone has an equal chance to succeed.

In order to make this happen, we must:

  • Acknowledge and fix the policies and laws that have systematically oppressed minorities and poor people
  • Require training for all government workers on unconscious biases
  • End policies and laws that lead to the criminal overcharging of minorities and poor people

LGBTQ+ Protections

  • Create legal protections for transgender members of the military, ensuring they can still  sign up and serve while being protected from physical and sexual abuse and retaliation
  • Establish legal protection for members of the LGBTQ+ community, ensuring an equal right and protection to housing, employment, education, marriage, tax credits, etc.
  • Ensure that crimes against transgender people is seen as a federal hate crime
  • Ensure proper healthcare for members of the LGBTQ+ community including access to gender reassignment surgery, mental health care and counseling services,  hormone therapies, etc.

Disability Rights

  • Make Social Security (SSI) and Social Security Disability (SSDI) a living wage
  • Update the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) 
  • Pay Family Caregivers
  • Increase caregiver hours to promote patient independence
  • Pass laws preventing Nursing and Assisted Living Facilities from taking patient belonging when they pass away. 
  • Pass a Pain Patient Protection Bill to ensure proper pain management including access to Opiate Pain Management
  • Pass a national Death With Dignity law
  • Federalize Workers Compensation 

Women's Rights

  • Pass the Equal Rights Amendment to ensure an equal wage for equal work across gender identity, sexual orientation, physical ability, and race
  • Protect Abortion Rights by making Row v. Wade law
  • Increase protections and resources for victims of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault including a law requiring the testing of all rape kits.
  • Open statute of limitations for childhood physical and sexual abuse
  • Increase female entrepreneurship 

Religious Freedom

Freedom of Religion and Separation of Church and State are fundamental concepts in our constitution. Freedom of Religion means every person has the ability to find their own truth, but it does not give them the right or authority to force their beliefs on anyone else or to discriminate based on their beliefs. No one has the right to force their standards and morality on another. We all must live by the Law of the Land, and the highest law in this land, our constitution, includes a definite freedom of religion.


Medicare For All / Universal Healthcare

Healthcare is a fundamental human right and no person should be denied treatment, care, or medication because it's cost-prohibitive or denied by insurance providers. We need Universal Coverage. If  that coverage is going to be Medicare For All then we must ensure that it covers:

  • Every condition
  • Every medication
  • Every treatment
  • Every person

This system will not only cost less than the current system, but will eliminate all out-of-pocket costs associated with premiums, deductibles, and co-pays. This allows every person to, not only, have insurance but use that insurance.  Medicare, as it currently stands, is underfunded and not good enough to be expanded to all people. If it is going to be expanded, then it must be fixed first.

Pain Patient Protection Bill

As a result of the Opiate Epidemic, insurers have stopped covering lifesaving opiates pain management for patients with chronic and debilitating pain. Doctors have been forced to stop prescribing opiates or risk losing their license to practice medicine and face possible prosecution by the DEA if they continue to do so. The policy of withholding opiate pain management, which is prescribed under the supervision of doctors, in an attempt to halt addiction is not only ineffective but forces those with chronic and debilitating pain to the bottle, the streets, or suicide as means of pain management. Less than 1% of chronic pain patients become addicted to their opiate medications. We must stand by UN General Assembly resolution 1 , which states "untreated pain is tantamount to torture or cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment". As a result, Amanda proposes a law to protect the rights of pain patient, including their right to:

  • Receive proper treatment and pain management for their chronic and debilitating pain
  • Receive treatment without the fear of being criminalized or stigmatized
  • Not have our history of physical or sexual abuse used against a patient to deny pain management including the use of opiates
  • Appeal any denial of pain management or care

Legalize Cannabis

Cannabis must be legalized nationally for adults age 21 and older and for patients of all ages under the care and supervision of a doctor who require it. 

The tax revenue generated from legalizing Cannabis should be reinvested into minority communities. These communities have suffered a disproportionate amount of the criminalization and legal repercussions in the effort to legalize this plant. These communities also need reparations for the systematic oppression and criminalization that these minority communities have suffered throughout our history.  

 Medical cannabis, when used to replace a pharmaceutical alternative, should be covered by insurance if the medication it's substituting would have been covered by insurance. Currently, patients are paying hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars each month out of pocket for Cannabis leaving it cost-prohibitive for many patients who would benefit from it. That cost should be covered by insurance carriers, especially when the pharmaceutical alternative often cost more and have more side effects that in and of themselves require more pharmaceuticals to manage. Patients deserve an option and alternatives should be covered by insurers.

Medical Debt Forgiveness

No one should go into debt or bankruptcy for medical care. The effects this amount of debt can have, not only on credit, but on a person's quality of life can be disabling in and of itself. It can be used to deny housing, employment, loans, and opportunities while trapping individuals in a cycle of fear, harassment, and systematic poverty. Medical treatment is a necessity and should not result in a financial burden that can affect every aspect of a person's life. Medical debt should be forgiven and healthcare should be treated like the human right it is.

Protections for Nurses, EMT's, Paramedics

Our healthcare professionals are some of the most trusted members of our community and deserve respect for the job they do. Just like every other worker, they should be entitled to mandatory meal breaks and rest periods. These professionals are tasked with caring for us during emergencies and in our time of greatest need and their pay should reflect the importance of their job. They should be properly compensated for the time they spend away from their own families caring for ours by ensuring they receive overtime and holiday pay like every other worker.

Medical malpractice is the 3rd leading cause of death in America. Our healthcare professionals, including nurses, EMT's, and paramedics, should receive the same rest periods and overtime pay as any other profession. Denying these workers proper rest periods only increases the likelihood of medical malpractice. 

Criminal Justice Reform

Inmates Bill of Rights

We need to change our prison system from one based on incarceration and punishment to one based around rehabilitation. It should not be based on corruption, greed, private wealth, and stock prices. We need to ratify the 13th Amendment and stop the last source of legal slavery in the United States. We cannot simply cage people, treating them like an animal, then expect them to act any differently when released. The United States has more people incarcerated than any other country and it's wrong. We must end the cycle of incarceration and the criminalization of parts of our population. Everyone deserves respect, dignity, and rights,  including the right to:

  • Earn a fair wage for their work
  • Have proper Healthcare
  • Give birth without being shackled 
  • Bond with their newborn child
  • Eat nutritious food
  • Pay normal prices in the commissary
  • Have protection from physical and/or sexual abuse
  • Communicate with their family
  • Have an education
  • Get rehabilitative services
  • Not be placed in solitary confinement
  • Be paroled for non-violent offenses

End the War on Drugs

It's time to stop throwing the poor and minorities in jail for drug offenses. We need to decriminalize all drugs and stop treating addiction as a criminal offense. It's time to start treating addiction as the mental health issue it is. No one should be placed in jail for using drugs. Those suffering from addiction are medical patients and they deserve proper treatment for their medical conditions.

The War on Drugs has prevented studying the medical uses of many potentially beneficial substances. We need to study the medical uses of Cannabis, psilocybin, LSD, and other potentially useful substances. Some of these substances have shown promise in the treatment of anxiety, depression, pain, and PTSD. We have 20+ vets committing suicide every day;  it's time we look for alternative solutions to improve quality of life. What we are doing now, placing anyone who uses these substances in jail, only keeps them in the endless jail-to-street-to-jail cycle, which costs taxpayers money and helps no one. It's time for real solutions. 

Improve Officer Training, Accountability, and Trust

We've seen over the last few years how broken our criminal justice and policing systems are. It's wrong when citizens do not know if the officer at their door today is the same officer who last week shot an unarmed citizen. It's especially worrisome that the major punishment for shooting an unarmed citizen or breaking the law as an officer is the equivalent of a paid vacation. We need to rebuild trust between the community and the police who are tasked with protecting us. Our officers should be the epitome of our community. And if an officer breaks the law, they should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law as an example. They should never be above the law, which is what we have happening now. It's time to implement real reforms to rebuild that essential trust and part of those reforms must include:

  • Mandatory training for unconscious bias and how to interact with individuals with disabilities including specific trainings for mental health issues and how to interact with deaf, mute, & physically disabled individuals 
  • A citizen board to review every time an officer un-holsters and/or fires their weapon
  • Implement Community Policing Practices ensuring all officers look like and are part of the community they are policing
  • Require all on-duty officers to wear a body cameras and all police vehicles to have dash cameras that cannot be turned off or muted

Prohibit Private Prisons and Private Detention Facilities

These private facilities make money by denying care, services, quality food, and basic hygiene items. The more bodies they have crammed into their facilities for the cheapest amount possible only increases the company's profits at the cost of the physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing of those whose care these facilities are tasked with overseeing.

Prisons and detention facilities should be focused on rehabilitation and care. Not profits and share prices. We need to put an end to these private facilities and start putting people above profits.

Ban the Use and Distribution of Military Grade Weapons and Equipment to Police Depart

Our police should be tasked with the protection of everyone within its borders. We should not be giving the police military-grade protective equipment and weaponry to be used against civilians. In order to restore the trust between the police and communities, the police cannot look and act like an oppressive military force coming into a community to implement martial law.

Stop Debtor's Prison Practices

No one should be incarcerated simply because they lack financial stability. The ability to post cash bail or afford proper representation shouldn't be the difference between freedom and incarceration. We need to put an end to:

  • Suspending licenses and throwing people in jail for unpaid fines and fees
  • Cash Bail
  • Over-worked and under-paid public defenders
  • Exhorbinate fines and fees

Innocent defendants shouldn't be pressured into accepting plea deals because they are threatened with what could happen if they lose. Defendants shouldn't be told "for $5,000 I can get you off, but if you don't have $5,000 you might as well plead guilty..." That's not how our justice system is supposed to work.

All fines and fees should be assessed on a sliding scale based on income. A $200 ticket for someone who lives on $735/month is a way different punishment than it is for someone who earns $90,000/year. It's time to take that into consideration.

The Environment

Green New Deal

The only way to save our planet from the catastrophic effects of the climate crisis is to aggressively attack the problem head-on. The Green New Deal is the best step toward saving our planet.

Every year we put change off is another year the legislation must become more radical to counteract the compounded effects of human-impacted climate change.

Plastic Use Reduction

Plastics have become a major contributor to polluting our land and our oceans as well as a contributor to the death and extinction of animal. We need to take drastic steps to stop the continued pollution and destruction to our oceans, land, and wildlife by making small changes that will have huge impacts. It will go a long way in helping keep plastics out of our oceans and stop them from killing our animals. 

Bottle Deposit Bill

Originally started in Oregon, the Bottle Bill has gained traction and is now functioning in 11 states. With an annual return rate of 60-85%, it's time to take this bill nationwide and cut down on the number of new products being produced.

Ban Fracking

Fracking has poisoned the water we need to live. We've poisoned our groundwater. That poisoned water has then poisoned our children, ourselves, our animals, and our foods. It has caused earthquakes in areas where earthquakes should not occur. It's time to ban the practice of pumping toxic chemicals in our ground to release the Natural Gas. We need to commit to protecting life and finding better, renewable sources of energy. 

Stop Expansion of Off-Shore Oil Drilling and Pipelines

Oil spills have poisoned our waterways killing wildlife and industry alike. We must stop expanding these operations when we already cannot keep the lines we have from leaking. These new lines are often run straight through minority neighborhoods and Native American lands resulting in some of the poorest and underserved communities baring a majority of the brunt of the environmental, fiscal, and impact of these pipelines.  

Clean Water, Clean Air, Clean Food

These are the fundamental rights that every person needs to survive. It's essential we protect these things from chemicals, pesticides, pollution, GMO's, and other toxic substances. Our children and grandchildren deserve a future free of cancer-causing carcinogens being pumped into our waterways, air, and food. They deserve a safe and secure future.

Gun Reform

While gun ownership was guaranteed in our constitution it does not say that reasonable limitations and requirements cannot be established. We've lost too many citizens to senseless gun violence. Our children should be safe at home, in the school, in the car, walking to the store, out playing... The fact they are denied their Right to Life is a tragedy that must be rectified. Our children deserve better than having to fear being killed, especially in school.

Ban on Assault Weapon and High Capacity Magazines

No civilian should own a weapon where the sole purpose is to fire off as many bullets as quickly as possible to kill as many as they can. These weapons are weapons of war and should not be held by civilians. 

  • If individuals wish to own and/or shoot these weapons for sport they must do so at a licensed gun range and leave the weapon in a gun safe at the range

Implement Basic Requirements For Gun Ownership

  • Complete a background check with every firearm purchase
  • Complete a Mandatory Training Program prior to first purchase and renew annually
  • Maintain Insurance in the event of injury or accident
  • Change the minimum purchasing age to 21
  • Limit magazine capacity
  • Ban the sale of assault weapons
  • Start a national buy-back program

Worker's Rights

Worker's Bill of Rights

We must not give incentives to companies to hire part-time workers rather than full-time. We must remove these incentive by requiring all employers to provide: 

  • Minimum wage that is a Living Wage
  • Vacation Pay
  • Sick Leave
  • At least 3 months Maternity/Paternity leave
  • Better protections for injured workers  including Federalizing Worker's Compensation
  • Contribution to a Retirement Plan that starts at the employee’s first job and follows them throughout their employment

Federalize Workers Compensation

 Currently, Workers Comp Companies deny coverage and care to injured workers to increase their profits. This should not happen. The same private insurance companies that have ruined our healthcare system have also butchered the Workers' Compensation system. We need to ensure the focus remains on the injured worker's rehabilitation and care rather than profits. A worker's body and care should not be worth more in one state over another. We need to ensure that all employees, no matter the state or size of the company, are ensured the same protections to promote the employee returning to work and protect those who become permanently disable due to their work related injury and cannot return to work.

Expand Workers Ability to Unionize


Abolish Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)

ICE has become an organization synonymous with terror. After the horrendous policy of separating families and ICE's willingness to comply with such an abhorrent policy, ICE can no longer be trusted to do the right thing and handle all immigrants with compassion, respect, dignity, and understanding.

ICE was a department created in 2002 in reaction to September 11, 2001. Since then they have been used as a weapon of the government to terrorize individuals and families while discriminating based on race. This country was able to function for over 200 years prior to ICE, we'll be able to function again after ICE is gone. 

Stop The Wall

President Donald Trump's wall is not only a waste of tax payer money, but ineffective. It will not stop the flow of illegal drugs or undocumented people. All it will do is cost tax payers year after year as it is breached or broken. The wall is not simply a one time cost.

In addition, it disrupts the natural flow of wildlife  that calls that area home. The economic and environmental impact of this presidential tantrum make the entire project a giant waste of money, time, and energy.

The Dreamers

DREAMERS, for all intents and purposes, are American except for one crucial thing, they do not have the same legal protections and rights as every other American simply because they were not born here. These young adults were brought into this country, through no fault of their own, but they are still American and should enjoy every protection, right, and benefit that every other Americans does. 

Separation of Families

This disgusting policy should never have been a part of our immigration system. Not only should it NEVER happen again, but every family who had to deal with the trauma of forced separation, be reunited here in the United States and automatically given asylum so they can receive the counseling and services they need to heal after such a traumatic experience.

Immigration Reform

We need to change our policy that gives preference to the wealthy and corrupt while neglecting the poor and destitute who live under the fear and threat of violence. Everyone should be able to get an equal shot at entry into the United States which is why we need to protect and expand programs like the Visa Lottery. 

We also need to ensure that each and every migrant has a right to Due Process, including the right to proper legal representation. We should not have toddlers representing themselves in court. It is ridiculous and criminal. It's time to change the laws that allow this to happen.


Tuition Free Public College and University

A degree has become a prerequisite to obtaining a job but is no way the guarantee to the high paying career it once was. Students should not be forced into massive debt with no guarantee of a job after. The more students with a college education the stronger our country becomes. We must offer tuition free public college and university for all students who qualify for admittance. 

Universal Pre-K

Child care is one of the major expenses for working parents apart from rent. Removing this burden for parents with preschool age children will not only relieve that financial burden, but ensure all children are prepared for kindergarten and on the path to success. 

Better Pay for Teachers

Teachers are valued members of our community tasked with shaping our youth into functioning adults. Their pay should reflect the importance of their jobs. 

  • Teachers should not be forced to work two or three jobs to provide for their families
  • They should not be forced to pan-handle for school supplies for their classes

We need to properly fund out schools to ensure that our students have the best chance at a successful future possible. We should not be cutting the arts and sciences or require teachers to fund the programs and field trips out of their own funds. We need to properly fund schools so that teachers are able to take home every cent they earn rather than being forced to reinvest their wages back into their classroom and students.

Prohibit For-Profit Schools

For-profit schools use the promise of a better life and career to lure vulnerable and impressionable young adults and families with predatory lending and false promises they have no ability to deliver on. We need to protect our students from a life of crushing debt for the sake of someone else's profit.

Improvements to Schools

  • Reduce class sizes
  • Stop teaching for the test
  • Reinstate Title X protections
  • Ensure protection from lead exposure
  • Fully fund our schools
  • Ensure protections for LGBTQ+ students

Student Loan Forgiveness Program

Too many students have been convinced to take out massive student loans with the promise that a college education would ensure a good-paying job. Students were lied to. Theses loans were forced on many low-income students who were told this was the only way to get a job and have a successful career. It's time we have a program to unburden students of their crippling debt which can prohibit them from getting a good job, buying a house or car, renting an apartment, etc. 

Government Reform

Publicly Funded Elections

Every candidate should be able to stand and be judged on their policies and beliefs, not the amount of money they can raise. We need to stop auctioning off our politicians to the highest bidder. With Publicly Funded Elections, our politicians can focus on their jobs rather than spending their time raising money for their party and future elections. We need to stop the system that requires our Congressmembers to spend 6 hours a day fundraising when they should be spending that time working on legislation and issues that are important to the people. 

Abolish the Electoral College

The United States prides itself on being the epitome of Democracy in the world. At the same time, we have a system that denies the will of the people. We need to fully embrace the political system we boast to the rest of the world and abolish the Electoral College. Let the will of the people speak for itself.

Establish Term Limits for All Members of Congress

All elected officials should have term limits no matter the position. 

Career politicians have allowed the system to be corrupted for personal gain. In order to end the corruption and greed plaguing our country, we must have turn-over in Congress and ensure all people have the ability to run and win.

Reduce Salaries for Members of Congress

Members of Congress are living on huge salaries while a majority of American workers earn less than $45,000/year. It's time to either cut the salaries or require that members invest at least 40% of their salary back into their communities directly to community development programs and NPO's.

**Lead By Example**

 If elected, I promise to invest $100,000/year of my salary back into Oregon District 1 and into projects that will directly benefit the low-income, homeless, and youth in our community. 

Tax Reform

Marginal Tax Rate

For too long, the super rich have profited from a broken tax system. They've manipulated laws and policies to profit them at the expense of every one else. It's time to ensure we fund the social programs that keep American families going with as much enthusiasm as we fund our military. We need to ensure the top 1% are paying their fair share by implementing a marginal tax rate that would only affect any income after $2.5 million. A 70% marginal tax rate would provide the capitol we need to ensure a basic living standard to the poorest Americans.

Close Tax Loopholes

We need to stop giving big tax breaks and loopholes to the biggest companies and start redirecting those credits to small business to off-set the added expense that raising the minimum wage and providing benefits to all employees would cost. 

Stop Tax Breaks for Wealthy

The Trump and Bush tax cut took money directly from the poorest families to give big tax credits to individuals who already are some of the richest in the country. We need to stop giving money to those who already have more than enough and invest that money back into our families, communities, and crumbling infrastructure. 

Foreign Policy


We should not be interfering with the sovereignty of other countries by implementing policies of regime change. We can support the people of other countries with humanitarian assistance, but under no circumstances should we be sending US troops into Venezuela. 

Iran Deal

The Iran Deal should be reinstated. We've had more confrontation and problems with Iran since Donald Trump unilaterally withdrew from the deal than when it was in place. As long as Iran continues to comply with the agreement, it never should have been ended and should be re-implemented immediately.


Our goal with other countries should be to strive for peace and mutual understanding. Under Obama, our policies in regards to Cuba, began to normalize. Trump unilaterally changed that. We must strive to revive the partnership that was established under the Obama administration.

Middle East

Middle East peace is a delicate situation and should be treated as such. We need a 2-state solution that ensures the rights of both Israelis and Palestinian people. The US embassy should never have been moved to Jerusalem and the illegal settlements by the government of Israel should never have been acknowledged by the Trump administration. We need to ensure we are not favoring one side over the other and that all people in that area have a right to life, freedom, and happiness. We must remember that our role in the US is to help facilitate peace, not to make the situation worse.

Human Rights Violations

We must stop supporting and propping up governments who commit blatant Human Rights Violations. Countries like EEAU, Bahrain, Qatar, and others should not be given the benefit of a US friendship and alliance while they torture and commit atrocities against their own people.