Amanda is 35 yo with brown hair & blue eyes wearing a blue plaid shirt, sitting outside on her patio

Amanda Siebe for US House of Representatives

A Different Type of Candidate

Amanda & her friends & fellow activists gather together for a group pic before leaving Standing Rock

Equality, Dignity, and Respect

Amanda is proud to be fighting for:

Disability Rights

Social Justice

Government Reform

Amanda Siebe is an active member of the disabled community and has been an outspoken advocate for disability and human rights. In December 2016, she traveled to stand with the Water Protectors at Standing Rock. She's dedicated her life to making her community better including working with youth in the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, volunteering as a rural EMT at Polk County Fire District No. 1, running the Monmouth-Independence Tenants Union, and organizing for disability rights. 

Now she's taking the fight for equal representation to the US House in Oregon's 1st District. 

1 in 4 adults in Oregon are disabled yet the only time our Congressional Representatives mention the disabled community, they only discuss the elderly and disabled veterans. We need representatives who stand with us and understand what it's like to be poor. Representatives who fight for the right of all people in this country to have a basic quality of life. No person should starve or child goes without basic necessities when this country has so much money to spend on our military and war.

We Deserve Better.


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